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Unearthing soil’s benefits from cover crops

Cover crops are receiving a lot of attention by nearly everyone involved in agriculture. They are once again becoming a very versatile tool that can provide many ecosystem services while also improving a producer’s bottom line.

Cover crops are loosely defined as something planted to serve a multitude of purposes while not typically being harvested as a cash crop. One purpose that is universal to any cover crop is that it can benefit the soil. Since most of the important functions the soil performs (nutrient cycling, as well as water capture and storage, in particular) are biologically driven, cover crops can facilitate an increase in soil health in a big way.

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Soil Aggregates Found in Great Soil ‘Just Like Christmas’

By:  Sue Roesler, Farm & Ranch Guide - Source: http://www.agupdate.com/farmandranchguide/news/crop/soil-aggregates-found-in-great-soil-just-like-christmas/article_90bb81d0-b9fa-11e7-940e-afeb7521e27c.html “I used to think cover crops were important, but now I...

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Soil: The Source of Wealth in Agriculture

By Jon Stika, AGDAILY.com If you have spent any amount of time around a 3-year-old child, you know that their favorite question is, “Why?” A young child asks this question over and over in order to understand everything in the world around them because everything is...

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The Value of Soil Health

What is the value of healthy soil? Before a value can be estimated, we need to describe - What is soil health? Soil health is a combination of physical, chemical, and biological properties that impact the function and productivity of the soil with several of these...

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Soil Aggregate Slake Demonstration Talking Points

Equipment Needed:  Two clear plastic jars at least 32oz; two 1/4” mesh wire screens cut to fit onto top of jars; dried soil peds Encourage participants to complete a Soil Aggregate Slake Demonstration at their own farm, ranch, garden, etc. Comparisons can be completed...

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