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Soil: The Source of Wealth in Agriculture

By Jon Stika, AGDAILY.com If you have spent any amount of time around a 3-year-old child, you know that their favorite question is, “Why?” A young child asks this question over and over in order to understand everything in the world around them because everything is...

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The Value of Soil Health

What is the value of healthy soil? Before a value can be estimated, we need to describe - What is soil health? Soil health is a combination of physical, chemical, and biological properties that impact the function and productivity of the soil with several of these...

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Soil Aggregate Slake Demonstration Talking Points

Equipment Needed:  Two clear plastic jars at least 32oz; two 1/4” mesh wire screens cut to fit onto top of jars; dried soil peds Encourage participants to complete a Soil Aggregate Slake Demonstration at their own farm, ranch, garden, etc. Comparisons can be completed...

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What is Planting Green?

The concept of planting an annual cash crop into a live, standing, green, cover crop is relatively new. The concept has the potential of implementing cover crops into low crop diversity cropping systems in the Northern Plains, which typically have a cold and wet,...

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