The Menoken Farm Podcast

Advancing soil health through innovation and education

The Menoken farm is a conservation demonstration farm located in central North Dakota, owned and operated by the Burleigh County Soil Conservation District. Established in 2009 the farm primary focus is advancing soil health through innovation and education.  It is with this goal in mind, that we launched the Menoken Farm Podcast.

The farm itself has become a destination for soil health enthusiasts from around the world.  We hope the podcast attains a similar reach and impact.  Please enjoy our podcast right here through the embedded player or through your favorite streaming device.  Rate and share the podcast if you wish, and please check back regularly for new episodes.  From everyone at Menoken Farm, thanks for listening!

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The Menoken Farm podcast is distributed across most platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcast, and more.  Click below to access the main podcast portal.


Episode 007 – Jimmy Emmons: Long Live the Soil

Jimmy Emmons discusses the evolution of Emmons Farm, becoming a proactive land steward, and a new adventure within USDA.

Episode 006 – Intercropping

Lana Shaw is the research manager at the South East Research Farm near Redvers, Saskatchewan. Lana discusses their intercropping experiences and the progression of intercropping.

Episode 005 – Using Technology to Measure Nutrient Density

Dan Kittredge is the founder and director of the Bionutrient Food Association and talks about using technology to measure nutrient density in food and plants. Dan and his organization are working to increase the quality of our food supply.

Episode 004 – Grazing Cover Crops

Ken Miller stops by the Menoken Farm to discuss grazing cover crops. Ken is the 2017 ND Leopold Conservation Award winner. He is a local rancher from Fort Rice, ND using multi paddock adaptive grazing.

Episode 003 – Restoring a Missouri landscape

Greg Judy discusses restoring a Missouri landscape by grazing multi species animals. Greg ranches in central Missouri and is the author of No Risk Ranching and Comeback Farms.


Episode 002 – Bringing Soil Back to Life

Dr. David Johnson and his wife Hui-Chun Su Johnson visit the Menoken Farm to share their knowledge of how-to bring soil back to life using static compost. David is a molecular biologist and research scientist at the University of New Mexico. They are also the developers of the Johnson-Su Compost Bioreactor.


Episode 001 – Improving Cropping Systems with Cover Crops

Steve Groff visits the Menoken Farm to discuss improving cropping systems by integrating cover crops. Steve is a cover crop pioneer and cover crop coach from Pennsylvania.



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