Wild Bergamot

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Additional 2023-2024 Tree Sale Information

In April of 2024, customers will receive an email notification of when the trees will be available for pick-up. If you prefer to receive a written notice of the pick-up date, please email sandra.schwede@nd.nacdnet.net with your name and the address you would like the notification mailed to.

Pick up of the trees is tentatively scheduled for May 10, 2024(This date may change depending on availability of trees from the nurseries and weather conditions). If the trees are not picked up on the designated date, arrangements must be made to pick them up within 7 days.

If your order total is more than $100 and you did not pay via credit card, you will be mailed an agreement letter to be signed and returned with a 50% down payment (check or cash) to our office within 30 days of your on-line order, with the remaining balance to be paid at the time the trees are picked up.

The Burleigh County SCD is a non-profit organization. Because of the many factors beyond our control, the District cannot guarantee survival on the trees. Full payment must be made regardless of tree survival. Tree stock and related materials cannot be returned. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

*If you have any questions, please call our office at 701-250-4518, Ext. 3.

Agricultural Producers - Sales Tax Info

Agricultural Producers – Trees that are purchased for a windbreak or wind erosion projects are not subject to ND sales tax.  Contact our office when placing an order and be able to certify that you are an Ag Producer.

The Tree Store will be open for 2024 orders starting on Monday, October 2, 2023.

Wild Bergamot


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This aromatic herbaceous perennial is 5 to 12 dm. high and has branched, hairy stems and spreads by seeds and rhizomes. The opposite leaves are distinctly petiole and deltoid-lanceolate to lanceolate and slightly toothed. Wild bergamot has square stems with gray green foliage. The flowers bloom from June to September. They are solitary and terminal on the flowering branches and the two stamens surpass the upper lip. The flowers are tubular, 13-15 nerved, with lobes much shorter than the tube. The corolla is lavender and strongly bilabiate. The upper lip is narrow, entire, and softly pubescent while the lower lip is broader. Plant seedlings in a sunny, weed-free well-drained soil, one and one-half to two feet apart. Water, until rains come.


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