Urban Conservationist – Burleigh County Soil Conservation District (BCSCD)

I. Introduction

The incumbent serves as the Urban Conservationist for Burleigh County, North Dakota. The position is responsible for carrying out the Mission and Vision of the Burleigh County Soil Conservation District, providing both technical and programmatic assistance.
The position is highly independent and collaborative, supervised by the BCSCD. The ideal candidate will have previous work experience, performing similar or related work. This position will require advanced communication and networking skills to navigate a complex, established partnership that includes federal, state, and local governments, private and public landowners, and land managers, advocacy groups, nonprofits and others. The position’s focus is results-oriented implementation, with conservation planning and plans used to guide actions and effort. Historically, partners (Natural Resources Conservation Service, North Dakota Game and Fish, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Extension Service, and others) have provided technical assistance to watershed organizations and conservation districts with traditional best management practices. These partners are less familiar with best management practices associated with developing/ urbanizing areas, which Burleigh County increasingly needs. Practices such as parking lot bioswales, residential rain gardens, native plant landscaping, urban development grazing systems, green site design, treatment wetlands and other green infrastructure require a different focus, that we hope to provide with this position.

II. Duties and Responsibilities

Plan and host meetings/workshops for landowners, residents, communities, local governments, to establish natural resource concerns. Exploring and expanding soil and water conservation opportunities and practices in urban areas.

Provide technical and financial assistance to landowners, residents, communities, local government, and others based on conservation planning. Providing the basis to apply best management practices for water quality and soil conservation. Examples might include enhancing public and private gardens/landscaping with treatment features (native plants and/or rain gardens) and soil testing, urban forestry, green roofs, native plantings, and stormwater treatment systems.

Establish and maintain positive working partnerships with federal, state, and local agencies. Identifying areas of mutual interest and opportunities for urban conservation collaboration. Seek out and learn about available cost-share/ financial incentive programs available to support practice installation.

Engage volunteers and partners to build community and create stewardship opportunities throughout Burleigh County. Maintain regular outreach and communications via print and digital materials, targeted mailings, blogs and articles, social media and in person talks.

Complete all necessary financial and grant reporting, with attention to detail and timelines.
Assist with drafting of grant proposals for future projects, and communicate with current funders, as needed. Each pay period separately recording hours allocated to various grants.

III. Qualifications

This is a demanding role that requires initiative, drive, follow through and flexible scheduling. Previous work experience in urban/community conservation is preferred, also will consider related credit as determined by the BCSCD. Ability to work with minimal supervision.

Diverse knowledge of conservation fields such as soil science, hydrology, biology, water
quality, soil and water conservation and other related fields. Familiarity with local, state and
federal laws applicable to BMPs implementation in urban/suburban/rural areas. Requires a minimum of a high school degree. A bachelor’s degree in natural resources or a related field is preferred.

Professional knowledge of natural resource and environmental conservation concepts, principles, methods, and techniques. Ability to analyze, interpret, evaluate, and devise strategies to address environmental problems and assess practice impacts.

Confidence and competency with basic computer programs – spreadsheets, word processors,
presentation and electronic communications. Social media and mapping program fluency

Knowledge and skills, allowing discussion with clarity, and promoting environmental problem solutions via writing, speaking and visual communication to individuals, groups, and governing bodies. Strong communication skills are required.

Fluency in written and spoken English is required. Additional language skills also beneficial.

IV. Physical Efforts and Work Environment

The incumbent must serve as an incidental motor vehicle operator. This requires the operation of a motor vehicle on both public and private roads during daylight hours and occasionally after dark. A valid state driver’s license is required.
The position requires the ability to perform a variety of physical activities. Examples include:

  • Driving a motor vehicle.
  • Driving a tractor or utility vehicle over flat, uneven, and hilly terrain.
  • Climbing over fences.
  • Walking over uneven terrain.
  • Wading in wetlands.
  • Carrying equipment.

V. Compensation

Starting salary range is $15 – $22 per hour depending on experience, and includes a full benefit package. Including health coverage, retirement, and paid leave. This is a full-time position.

Burleigh County Soil Conservation District is a division of state government, governed by a locally elected board and is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Application Instructions:
Please submit resume and cover letter to: constance.bryant@nd.nacdnet.net
by 11:59 PM Sunday, June 20, 2021. Initial interviews to be held the week of July 5, 2021 with desired starting date no later than July 15, 2021.

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